Fashion Influencer Interview – Zanne Lee

Our first 2023 chat about life and all things style is with someone who we were very excited and happy to meet towards the end of last year @allthingszanne

Please introduce yourself

I’m Zanne Lee, a 40+ content creator, model, presenter, blogger and most importantly, mum of 2 teen boys and 2 demanding and rather spoilt Tonkinese cats. I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 30 years after being scouted in South Africa by Italian model scouts. It was a very different career path to what I’d thought I’d have as I was a tomboy and more comfortable on a clay pigeon shooting range with my Dad or on a Game Reserve in South Africa and was never really interested in fashion. To this day, I am still more curious about the story behind the brand and what inspired the founders. My parents are entrepreneurs and ran their airline and development businesses from home so I think the business side of things has always intrigued me. In the last few years, my content creation has started to focus on what works in terms of beauty, skincare and wellness for the 40+ woman and in terms of style, creating the perfect capsule wardrobe to lead a stylish, fuss-free life which is sustainable and timeless. I’m delighted to have been chosen to join the No 7 Beauty Company’s Creator Collective initiative in partnership with the British Beauty Council to be a part of an exceptional skincare education programme.

How do you describe your signature personal style?

My personal style is based on the fact that I never have a spare second in the day to faff with my clothing. I feel most confident when I’m dressed in classic pieces that are comfortable and wear well throughout the day because I can go from interviewing a brand founder on my Insta LIVEs, attending press days, castings and meetings, to being the taxi service for my boys and often sit around waiting for them to finish one of their many activities, all in one day, and I don’t want to second guess what I’m wearing as that can affect my confidence and in turn, my productivity. I veer towards classic pieces in beautiful fabrics that hold their shape and most often in neutral tones.

Who’s style are you inspired by? In real life or online?

Erna Leon of @Mercer7official always looks effortlessly put together as does Anouk Yve @anoukyve . I’m such a fan of a woman who can look like she just threw together a few pieces and can go from day to night with only a change of shoes and a slick of lipstick and pull off that fuss-free style.

If you had to pick your favourite piece from the Just Add Style luxury silk scarf collection, which would it be and why?

That’s easy, my very first one, the Fashion Hounds scarf. I love the design and the fact that there are in fact 101 Dalmatians on the scarf. I’m a sucker for genius, unique designs and this is absolutely timeless. Definitely one of my wardrobe treasures. Now I just need to convince Emma and Lisa to design a cat version featuring my Tonkinese! I’m thinking the Zanne-inspired ‘Feline Fine’ Fashion Scarf has a fabulous ring to it.

How did you become a fashion influencer?

I personally don’t consider myself a Fashion Influencer. I started my Insta account sharing endless photos of my cats and at one point was going to go down the path of creating art from my floral photography but, through Insta, with all the fabulously stylish ladies showcasing their outfit of the day, I realised that my wardrobe needed some serious attention. I had a very capsule wardrobe of mainly black outfits as it was easiest to travel with whilst modelling and I felt it was time to have a little fun, be a little frivolous and experiment with colour and prints. It was the first time I’d really experimented with fashion as I’d always been styled on shoots. Since coming out of lockdown life, I’ve made a conscious decision to buy less and buy well and try to rewear my wardrobe. I’ve returned to a very paired back, classic and neutral wardrobe seeking out classic pieces that will last the test of time. I haven’t completely turned my back on colour though, I just add it in with gorgeous accessories that lift an otherwise monochrome look which is why I love the Just Add Style skinny scarves. Vibrant colours in fabulous designs that instantly add interest to any outfit.

Which three Instagram accounts do you currently love and want to recommend?

My stylish friend Lizzi Richardson of @lizzi.richardson who has a brilliant style blog and podcast, Caroline of @carolinescircuits who shares great bite-sized fitness content even the busiest person can fit into their day and most recently, Charlotte Butterworth of @theneedy.greedy who creates delicious and healthy recipes. There are so many more I could mention…

Follow Zanne for her cool neutral style as well as beauty and lifestyle tips @allthingszanne


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