Our latest fashion chat is with stylish digital content creator and podcaster Lizzi Richardson @lizzi.richardson

Please introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Lizzi Richardson, a digital content creator and podcaster for women who are seeking fashion and styling advice to elevate their daily style.

I live in the heart of Buckinghamshire however I am more a city lover, so London style is truly my inspiration. I am all about ageless styling; I believe if you stay modern and refresh with stylish trend pieces – your style will never ever age!

I’ve been married for over 10 years, no children, although my Bichonpoo dog who’s 10, is like having a permanent toddler in the house – with all the looking after and playtime – he has never truly grown up (nor has the hubby really).

I balance a part-time corporate career with my love and passion for creating content across many digital platforms, every week.

How do you describe your signature personal style?

I don’t believe I have a signature look, I dress for my mood, which means I can go from wearing a tailored all-black chic look one minute and then later in the day I could be a leopard print dress with an army jacket and trainers. What I don’t wear is very casual clothing or oversized – I have an hourglass body shape and for the most part, I dress to show my curves off.

I can however share my style words for 2023, which are: Contemporary | Feminine | Cherished.

Why Contemporary? – I am a firm believer that keeping yourself modern is what keeps you looking younger than the years you have been alive. Trust me, at 48 years old, I have no desire or any intentions to look like someone younger, I believe ageing is a gift that not everyone gets to experience.

Why Feminine? – Feminine style is not girly, it’s a mature sense of sensitivity – how the fabrics work with your body to flow and enhance your natural shape. I don’t believe anyone is born with this style; it’s one that develops over time, I developed mine from around 28 years old.

Why Cherished? – I want to make my everyday personal to me. The more you can make your outfits personal, the happier I believe people are. This is not just about wearing older items and mixing them with new contemporary pieces, it’s about making sure everything I wear I truly love and reflects the woman I am, today.

Who’s style are you inspired by?  In real life or online

As a child it was Marilyn Monroe and Madonna – I longed for those long silk gloves, pearl necklaces and the perfect red lips they both got to wear in their movies or music videos.

Nowadays, I take inspiration from Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntingdon Whitley and dare I say I still love the character Carrie in And Just Like That!

I also love to get inspiration from older stylish ladies, I love following Linda Rodin, a New Yorker who I believe was once a model, she’s a huge denim fan like me, plus I love Grece Ghanem, a Canadian influencer who always looks fabulous.

Don’t you just love how social media makes global so local!

If you had to pick your favourite piece from the Just Add Style luxury silk scarf collection, which would it be and why?

I am a huge fan of illustrations – I have many prints/cards around my office – so naturally I love the London Fashion Square Scarf. If I had to pick out of the skinnies, I would probably lean into the orange Leopard or the green Zebra both are vibrant and work with my Autumn season colourings.

How did you become a fashion influencer?

For many years before I blogged, I often took family and friends shopping. In fact one boss of mine, from many years ago, kind of added ‘personal shopper’ to my job description when I worked for her as a Marketing Co-ordinator – I just naturally pick clothes, accessories or even home products quite easily for people.

After 3 years of reading other fashion blogs, in November 2011 I started my own blog Loved by Lizzi, which put simply was a platform to share what I bought and why, as I often found myself sharing this information over conversation.

As Instagram came along and the popularity of ‘outfit of the day’ evolved, I then took to street photography to capture my daily looks, which has developed my digital content further.

In the last few months, I have launched my podcast, Styling Matters, where my shows are either just me talking through various fashion and style topics or sharing my Instagram live interviews where I chat with guests about the importance of style and how it truly does matter to give people confidence to do what it is they need to do. I absolutely love creating a podcast show every week.

Which 3 Instagram accounts do you currently love and want to recommend?

I know all three of these gorgeous ladies. I’ve collaborated with them all over the years. They have attainable daily styling, they offer a unique perspective of their own stylish outfits plus they always have something fabulous to share!

Zanne Lee at @allthingszanne who was a co-host on Fashion Fix Live and we’ve worked on many brand collaborations together. Patricia Jones, a petite stylist from London @patriciajonesstyling and one from across the pond in the USA, Gina Kieslich @ginamkstyle – she’s 58, a huge inspiration on colour and she is always on point!

Follow Lizzi’s ageless style @lizzi.richardson and make sure you join her community and follow her podcast – details here


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