If one thing is for sure, it’s that 2020 has been unexpected. An unprecedented global shift, in every sense. At Just Add Style, we’re grateful to have kept safe and well by adapting studio life. Em spent lockdown at her kitchen table fashion drawing board and Lisa designed in her home studio. The highlight of our quarantine, sustaining our brand (and our sanity!) has been daily, socially distanced meetings on Lisa’s front garden wall. Surely all great luxury fashion brands are built from a garden wall?!

Despite the worldwide chaos, Just Add Style brand developments are thriving and we continue to work on exciting client commissions. We can’t wait to share news with you soon!

Despite living through the most surreal of times, that will be looked back on as a major historical event, there is goodness to be found. Whilst not forgetting or diminishing the immense sadness, the pandemic has brought elements of positivity to our lives. Lockdown has allowed us to slow, pause, reflect and reconnect. Gone for many is the go-go-go pace of our lives, giving space for other things.

During isolation, Em rediscovered her love of letter writing. Em’s long held passion for communicating by good old fashioned hand written correspondence stems from her boarding school childhood and her 20s living and working in London and New York. Em and her friends indulged in the simple pleasure of writing a thoughtful and personal note on beautiful stationery and luxuriated in the joy of receiving unsolicited, hugely welcome post.

Often, greeting card designs tend toward the cutsey and naff so Em, unapologetically obsessed with all things stylish, began illustrating her own notecards which her friends kept and treasured. During lockdown we had a eureka moment … to design a capsule collection of luxuriously stylish illustrated correspondence cards featuring illustrations by Em and complementing our silk designs, so you and your aesthetically discerning friends can get in on the act.

Breton Girl’, ‘Fashion Hound’ and ‘Leopard Love’ are notecard sets individually foil press printed on traditional heavy cream card in one of England’s print workshops. The cards are printed on GF Smith ‘Colorplan’ stock which is FSC certified and produced according to highest environmental and ethical standards. We believe in responsible production and limited runs. The eight notecards and kraft envelopes that make up each set are tied with black string, packaged with care in a rose gold foil paper bag and sent directly from the Just Add Style studio. And if you can’t decide which design you like best, then the Correspondence Collection is for you!

Our aim is to make everyday correspondence extraordinary. Tell your friends – write to them!


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